Dr Julia Kuliwaba - LOC Chair

Dr Julia Kuliwaba is a Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Bone and Joint Research Laboratory in the Centre for Orthopaedic and Trauma Research at the Adelaide Medical School, The University of Adelaide. She was awarded with a high commendation PhD in musculoskeletal pathology from The University of Adelaide in 2003.

Dr Kuliwaba has over twenty years research experience in the musculoskeletal field, with her research focus on understanding the pathobiology of osteoarthritic disease and osteoporotic bone loss. Her laboratory is internationally recognised for human tissue level studies, ranging from molecular to micro-architectural, utilising a well-established human musculoskeletal tissue bank. Dr Kuliwaba is currently leader of a multidisciplinary research team that is investigating the tissue level mechanisms of bone’s involvement in the initiation and progression of human osteoarthritic conditions.

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